Welcome to my content samurai review. I am Partha, Blogger and Affiliate marketer since 2016. In the last 3 years, I have used a lot of software tools from JvZoo, WarriorPlus, PayKickStart and from many marketplaces.


Because of that experience, I am here to give you my honest review of content samurai software. Also, I will share some useful tips that I personally follow to get the best results using this software.


I have made some affiliate commissions by making simple review videos using content samurai. Make sure to check out my earning proof down below this page. Let’s begin our content samurai review. 


Video content is the hottest content right now. People spend more time for watching videos rather than reading blogs.  Studies have shown that consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service that has video representation. That is why online marketers trying to create more and more videos on social media platforms. Take a loot the Neil Patel’s YouTube channel. He is continuously posting videos each and every day to his channel to keep their audience for a long time.


But the problem is, creating a video is not simple. It takes time. Even if you want to create a 4-minute video, it will take time when you are at the beginner level. When comes to creating videos, most people don’t like to show their face in front camera because of shyness.


Recording a professional voice over for a video is also a big pain also costs more on freelancing site. If you are living near the bus stand or traffic areas, then the unwanted noise will occur during the voice record. Also, I believe that maybe English is your second language.


If you want to get 1–2-minute professional video from Freelancing sites(like Fiverr, Upwork and so on) it will cost you a minimum from $500 to $1500 or even more sometimes. Also, the freelancers will take anywhere between 1–3 days to deliver your order. If you pay higher they will deliver fast. If you pay less then they will deliver lately.


You are not alone. Me too… So, what is the real solution for the above problems? Well, that is why I searched a lot and found a great tool to solve those problems. It’s called content samurai.

What is content samurai?

Content Samurai is a web-based video creation software. This software uses the latest AI technology to turn your written script into professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes. 


Unlike other video creation tools, content samurai makes the video with beautiful motion backgrounds, text overlays, animations and even it will do the voice-over for your video on its own.

How can you use content samurai software - Members Area Walk-through

Content Samurai is simple to use and straight forward. Once you log in to the software you can able to see only 6 menus arranged in the left-hand side.

Step-1: Choose a content samurai video template

First, you have to choose a video template from the library of over 100+ templates. The templates are made for different categories and niches. You can pick any one of the premade templates according to your need.

Content Samurai templates

These are categories of templates:


  • Video for social media,
  • Video from an article or blog post,
  • Sales video,
  • Video for my online course,
  • Property listing video


Under each category, they have 25+ templates. All the video templates are pre-made. However, you can edit, customize and you can make it in your own style.

Step-2: Write a script

Once you picked a video template, you have to write the script in the script box. This is the most important step among all. Write a script that you want to say in front of your audience.


Tip: If you don’t like to manually write the script, then you can make a video script with the help of “Ezine Articles” and “Spin Rewriter” software. Search the topic (in ezine articles) that you are looking to make a video for. Copy and paste a few lines or paragraphs from ezine articles to spin-rewriter. Click the spin button. Spin Rewriter will rewrite the whole sentences without changing the actual meaning of your script and makes it to 100% unique. So your copy pasted script will not get any copyright issues.


Recommended: Don’t post a whole paragraph in the script area. Split each paragraph into multiple single lines with a gap under each line. Make sure to put quest stops and commas for each line. I will tell why in the upcoming steps.

Step-3: Create scenes

Once your script is ready then click the create scene tab. Content samurai will automatically go and find the relevant background images and background video clips for each slide (according to the script that we wrote in the description area).


Also, content samurai app will automatically bold the important words on each slide and it will automatically set one line per one slide from the script. You can able to edit the slides with 2 or more lines if you want. I recommend one or two lines per slide.

Step-4: Select music and voice over

1. Music only

Here you will have four options to choose from. If you select “Music Only” option, then the final video plays background image animation, text overlays with background music.


2. Auto voice

I prefer to use “Auto Voice” option. When you select this option, content samurai will convert your text script into professional voice over for your video. The text-to-speech engine that this software has is really amazing. I have included some sample videos on this page.


3. Record your own voice

This option allows you to record your own voice. When you choose this option, content samurai will ask your permission to access the microphone. Once you click to allow the microphone, then the slides will starts playing and at the same time, you have to record your voice. No worry, you have the full control to start & stop the recording option.


4. Upload voice over

Content samurai has the option to upload a custom voiceover to your videos. Got any professional voice over from Fiverr or Up Work? you can use that with content samurai software. This option is most suitable for product promotional videos.

Step-4: Preview video

This is the pre-final step. You have to preview the video. Make sure to watch the preview till the end. Once you are satisfied with the video then the next step is rendering the video.


Note: You can able to choose background music along with the text-to-speech voice. So that video will be more realistic and professional.

Step-5: Download video

After the click of the render button, you will be able to download your video in just minutes. Content samurai combines all the slides, audio, text-to-speech voice and makes the final output video.

Content samurai detailed demo

Types of videos that you can create using content samurai

  • Top 10 type videos,
  • “How to” videos,
  • Informational videos,
  • Educational videos,
  • Sales videos,
  • Marketing videos,
  • Local business videos,
  • Product review videos,
  • Training videos,
  • Webinar type videos,
  • Promotional videos etc.

Sample videos created using content samurai

Tips/Educational type video that I made using content samurai

Local business video made for my client using content samurai (Niche: Uniforms)

Amazon product review videos made with content samurai

Features and benefits of using content samurai

Script into a video using AI technology


Content samurai needs a script to make a professional video out of it. All you need to do is, just write a good script in the script box.


Content samurai will automatically analyze your script and pulls relevant background images and background clips for each slide. Also, it suggests you choose your own background images and video clips too.


Auto voice generator


Content samurai turns your written script into a professional voice over using its text-to-speech engine.


The good thing about this voice is, it reads out the text whenever the slides start and finish the voice-over whenever the slide ends. Which means there is no time difference/lagging.


Motion Background for each slide


You already know the content samurai pulls relevant background images and background video clips for each of the slides that it creates. If it is a background image, then the image will be automatically zoom-in and zoom-out with the text overlay.


As usual, the background video plays with the text overlay on each slide. You can rule the content samurai to choose only images/video clips for the background from the script area.


Auto content sources


Want to be 100% white hat with your marketing materials? If so content samurai is the right tool for that. Whenever content samurai pulls images and video clips from the internet or from its own database, it also gives you the sources.


You can copy the source link and paste in the youtube description section or wherever you use the video. It is not mandatory but if you feel to give credits to the assets, then go for it. 


Cloud-based software


Content samurai is hosted on Amazon’s web server. So you don’t need to install anything on your computer. 


When you click render video button, it will render the video from the cloud in front of you. 


All you need is a good internet speed (500Kb/sec is good)

Pricing and evaluation

If you want to shoot a video, you need to buy a good quality camera, mic, and other things. Content samurai doesn’t require any special pieces of equipment. All you need to do is, just script. Never worry about external noises. Because the script will be converted into a professional voice for your video automatically.


Content samurai is currently selling for $47/month or $397/year. However, you can try this platform 7 days for free. If you like, you can continue with the paid subscription after the free trial.


You can try 7-day free trial and go for $47/month paid plan or you can go for $35/month straight away by clicking here. This $35/month is a special plan where you have to pay and use the software for $35/month from day one.


You may ask me “Is this worth to the price?”. Of course yes. Content samurai is well worth it for its price. Because the noble samurai team is continuously giving updates and improving the app performance over the last 5 years.


Content samurai app is hosted on Amazon web servers. Whenever you create a video in content samurai, it will be rendered from Amazon’s high-speed servers. Also, your videos will be safely saved on Amazon cloud storage. You can create and store unlimited videos per month in content samurai. There is no extra fee for that cloud storage. It is free with content samurai subscription.


  • Fantastic customer support
  • Script to the video creator
  • Simple to use interface
  • 14 million royalty free million images already in their database
  • 14 text-to-speech voiceovers in different languages
  • 118 professional video templates
  • Fast rendering speed


Good internet speed is required. Content samurai needs good internet speed to load background images and video clips from its database for each slide. 500 Kb/sec internet speed is good enough.

3 ways I use content samurai to make profits each month

These are methods I personally follow to make profits using the content samurai app.

1. Build a youtube channel

Content samurai create professionally looking videos that attract more viewers. These videos can get you viral video views. You can easily able to create the “Top 10” type videos to build an authority YouTube channel.


You can monetize your channel with AdSense ads, you can recommend relevant products to your subscribers to make affiliate commissions.

Earning Proof

This is the orders I have got just by making simple product review videos using content samurai software.

2. Offer services to local business owners

One of the main problems that the local business owners have is, most of the business owners don’t have any videos on their company website.


If they have a video on their website’s home page, then the conversion will be better. You can offer video creation services to local business owners and get paid from them. I normally charge $25 to $35 per video.

3. Sell video services on freelancing sites

I told you that the video creation services cost hundreds of dollars on freelancing sites. So, you can list your services on freelancing sites. First, you have to create a professional looking profile on freelancing sites.


Include some demo videos created using content samurai app. Set the pricing for your service and people will order from you.


Actually, there are more ways you can use content samurai. You can able to find more training and tutorial videos inside the member’s area.

Final thoughts

It’s not too hard to notice why video is very popular nowadays — for one thing, it’s an easy-to-digest format which gives our eyes a rest from the overabundance of textual details on the web. This would be why the globe reportedly watches 1 billion hrs of YouTube social video per day.


I have used content samurai since 2018 and I had no issues. The videos that this software creates is truly amazing and professional. I hope you watched the above videos. 


Noble Samurai team has been working hard to enhance new features on content samurai. So that you can expect new features every month.


Nowadays, social media platforms showing videos in the news feed. Because social media platforms they know how to keep the audience to stay longer on their platforms.


More than 80% of internet traffic will be coming from the video after 2020. If you are not using videos in your marketing carrier, then you are missing the biggest opportunity. 


Content samurai offers 7-day free trial so that you can try it yourself. Content samurai doesn’t ask your credit card details for that 7-day free trial. If you like this software then you may subscribe to premium membership. The best part about content samurai is, you can cancel your subscription at any time. 


I hope you enjoyed my content samurai review. If you like my review, you please comment your thoughts below this page. Thanks!


What about the support?

They have very detailed training and tutorial videos inside the member’s area. So you can learn more there.


Yes, they provide fantastic support. Make sure to submit your ticket between Monday to Friday.

What is the maximum length of video?

You can able to produce videos with any length. But the rendering process will take some time. I recommend you to produce multiple short videos with the continuation and combine them using some free video joiner like “VideoProc” etc.  Also, there is no limit to the number of videos per month. You can create an unlimited number of videos per month.


Yes and no. Mostly 90% of the images and video clips are copyright free. Sometimes CS pulls images and video clips from some sources and it will give credits to the original owner. Which is 100% white hat.

Are my videos safe?

Yes. All your created videos will be saved on the Amazon cloud storage. Whenever you need that video, you can download from the content samurai app.

Can i cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can. You have to submit a ticket to cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I need a credit card for 7-Day free trial?

No. You can sign up and try the content samurai for 7-days without any credit card.

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